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When I’m with you, you make me happy, you make my day.
But it feels like we’re not together, and you’re so far, far away.
And all I wanna do,
Is just get to you.
But all these mental mountains keep me from doing so.
Mountains that I need to conquer, mountains that I need to cross,
Because if I don’t get to be with you, I’ll be lost.

The first is the one which I make high, or keep low,
It is called Mt. Expectations;
It is the one that helps me with the choice: stay or go?
This one is based on if I think it’s gonna work or not,
If I want to risk everything that we’ve got.

The next is the one with chasms, so wide and deep
It is called Mt. Fear,
And I’m afraid the slopes here will be too steep,
That I won’t be able to get to you, my dear.
To stop my thoughts, that’s all I need,
‘Cause if I have to make a big jump, I’ve got to stop thinking,
Or else I won’t make it, I’ll fall, and bleed.

The third is the one that’s just so big and high,
It is called Mt. Desire,
And when I see it, I can not help but let out a sigh.
All the things I want so bad, are on top,
But I know I’ll get there,
And that there’s no one that can make me stop.

After I had dealt with my desire,
I touched the sky, I was on fire.
Then I came to the sacred ground,
Where Mt. Friendship can be found.
I stood looking at the mountain,
That could not crack, or break,
That couldn’t even be moved,
By the strongest earthquake.

When I got up there, I turned around, I looked back.
Everything was clear, I could see my own tracks.
Then I looked at the sky, as an angel passed by.
And I was told, from the heavens above:
‘This mountain, Mount Friendship,
Will now be called:
The Mountain of Love.'

After telling me this, the angel came down,
I saw her, and I frowned.
She clipped her wings,
And threw them away,
Those beautiful things.
The angel, the angel was you,
This meant I did everything I had to do.
All the mountains in my head,
the mountains I had crossed,
They brought me to you, and now I’m saved,
Instead of lost.
A poem called 'Mental Mountains'. I worked on it for a long time, and finally finished it today. Maybe I will change some things about it, but I don't know that yet/

Comments are appreciated;)
rocqua Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
i can see(read, or however you say it) that you put a lot of work into it, and it payed of, great, no epic poem, a definite +fav (one of the very few poems in my favs).

btw i once wrote a poem [link] to i'd like to hear what you think of it (probably, tear it to shreds)
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August 28, 2008
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